korg - authentic argentine tango sound libraries.

KORG - Authentic argentine Tango sounds.

We want to share with you an advance of the work that we are doing regarding the sound libraries, in this specific case we are working on the Tango sound libraries with Styles and Tango programs.

Produced by Diego Merlo (Sound designer). Available soon for Pa, Kronos, Kronos x, Krome and Kross keyboard line.

An amazing collection of sounds that replicate as never before, the way of the Tango instruments the way they should sound and feel.

Bandoneón I

 -Full length samples

-Fast & slow dynamics in the same program

-Noises of the instruments and fx controlled by user.

-Legato, Tremolo and syncopated

-Easy workflow in realtime

 Bandoneón II.

 -Full length samples

-Chords loops

-Style controlled by user (cc02) or SW1/SW2

-Major, Minor, 7 & diminished chords.

- 80 & 100 bpm

-Single chord and syncopated.

 Double bass.

-Full length samples


-Arco marcatto

-Pizzicato, legato vibrato, legato non vib.

-Timbre controlled by user(cc02) or SW1/SW2

 Spanish Guitar.

-Full length samples

-Chords loops

-Style controlled by user (cc02) or SW1/SW2

-Major, minor, 7 & diminished chords

-80 & 100 bpm

-3+3+2 time and syncopated

 Drum loop Menú.

-Tango drum loops

-Beats, breaks, fills, intros and endings

-Styles 8/8, 2/4 & 4/4

-80, 100, 120 bpm

 Noise menu.

-Violin noises

-Cricket strings

-Bandoneon slaps

-Keys & body noises

-Double bass noises

-Wood knocks

-Strappata noise.




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