korg sv1 - an arsenal of keyboards!!!!!

Scene. Vintage. Piano. The name says almost everything. The SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano offers the most complete arsenal of keyboards electro-mechanical, transistorized, tape and analog, and the first models ever assembled to date in one instrument. The SV-1 has been created using the Technology RX (Real eXperience) Korg: each sound is a detailed and authentic recreation faithfully capture the full range of expression and dynamics of the original. But for Korg, this is not enough. The SV-1 also provides access to pedal effects, amps, cabinets and studio techniques that gave these sounds their original personality. In all, provides instant access to the legendary sounds of keyboard history. Designed with performance in mind, and is playing the SV-1 is a pleasure. Once you have it under your fingers because you will understand why so much enthusiasm. The keyboard RH3 (Real Weighted Hammer Action)-Action is the most advanced real-Korg: sensations and gives solid answers that inspire confidence. Forget menus. Forget about banks and programs. Stop looking screens. With the SV-1, the entire front panel is always active, with clearly marked buttons to select the sound you are looking for. Saving your eight Favorite settings for quick recall is as easy to memorize a station on your car radio. And best of all, the Korg SV-1 provides an economical, reliable, and portable collect (and keep) a stable of vintage instruments. The design of the SV-1 (along with an optional foot chrome) clearly defined as an instrument that is made to be played, with an appealing retro look that reflects the pulse and heart of the original instruments. The SoundsThe sonic spectrum of the SV-1 includes 36 sounds, from electric pianos, acoustic and synth strings and organs up. Each category of instrument is addressed with the classics and then offer other variations and unusual instruments (and highly coveted) that formed the soundtrack of an era. So the electric pianos start with a version of a classic speed switching in seven layers model continues with a "tongue" continues with a classic analog electroacoustic era (all from American manufacturers) and concludes with two models Japanese classic mid--80s.
The acoustic pianos include three-layer stereo versions of concert grand pianos both German and Japanese, a more intimate upright piano, a piano imperative for small monkey live performances, a Japanese electro-acoustic variation of 70-80, and some blended sounds. Organs include three variations of the classic "Tonewheel" plus British and Italian combo organs famous and the first time an American valve body.
The keys include four variations of tonal adjustment a keyboard from the same manufacturer that used a percussive tabs mechanism to achieve a unique sound and intimate. Add to this real strings, tape and analog chorus, and a pair of thick analog synth sounds and you have an incredibly versatile palette of sounds at your disposal.
Each of the tools has been sampled sounds faithfully including rods, note released, damper and hammer at different speeds. We even sampled the resonances of the piano box to further enhance their loyalty. This attention to detail, we call RX Experience, is what makes playing the SV-1 is quite an experience: comes alive in your hands with a three-dimensional sound evoking the electro legends.

Classic Effects and Amp ModelingThe special sound generating process of SV-1 part of the inclusion of six stages of signal processing, which can be deactivated at any time.

EQUALIZER (bass, middle and treble)Controllable from the front panel, the EQ allows you to shape the tonal quality of your sound in real time.

PRE FX (Compression, Boost, U-Vibe, Chorus / Vibrato, Tremolo, Wah)
This section provides the essential effects for pre-treating your sound or adding a touch of classic effects modeled by legendary guitar effects designers Korg. Add a gradual pedal (like the Korg EXP-2 or XVP-10) for a funky Wah.

AMP MODEL (Amp Modeling, cabinet simulation and noise reduction)You have at your disposal a set of heads amplifier and speakers to add color, saturation and punch to your sound. With exclusive Korg-s Valve Reactor technology, adds the warmth and personality of real valves.

MODULATION FX (Chorus 1 & 2, Phaser 1 & 2, Flanger and Rotary Speaker)They have recreated some of the most famous pedal to give you that sound unique and legendary. The rotary speaker emulation has been acclaimed Korg forever as one of the best, adding nuance and motion to any organ sound.

REVERB / ??DELAY (Room, Plate, Hall, Spring, Tape Echo and Stereo Delay)You have four types of reverb, along with the classic tape echo, plus a tempo-based digital delay also has a tap tempo switch.

LIMITERThis final step in the chain causes the level remains balanced across all sounds, and is adjustable only via the software editor / Library included.

Intuitive and easyThe user interface has been designed with performance in mind, each of the essential controls is quickly accessible on the front panel, with no confusing menus or long pulse sequences. The knobs include illuminated LEDs to show the position of the button you can retrieve the original setting. For really quick changes, the SV-1 has eight car-radio style buttons designed to instantly retrieve your eight Favorite sounds and settings. Save a bookmark is just as easy: simply set the controls as you like and hold one of the favorites buttons, when the button flashes, press it again and you-ve memorized the preset.

Keyboard, tuning curvesThe SV-1 is equipped with Korg keyboard better (RH3) gradual action in both the 73-key version as on the 88-key. The FUNCTION button provides access to eight different tuning curves including equal temperament, great piano extended, expanded electric piano, electric grand piano, upright piano expanded, detuned and two user-definable types (configurable using the editor software / Library). You can also access the overall tuning via the FUNCTION button, adjusting using the EQ treble control. In this mode, concert pitch (A-440) can be selected quickly by pressing the treble. And of course, the SV-1 allows transposition to any key.

Retro StyleWith a bold and curved body, the SV-1 is truly out of the ordinary. Along with its retro-style controls and stunning metallic red finish (73-key) or carbon gray (88 keys), the SV-1 oozes appeal and arouses desire. Optionally available are a foot adjustable and collapsible chrome and a carrying bag.

ConnectivityA pro keyboard would be incomplete without the right connections. In this sense, the SV-1 is equipped with balanced XLR and ¼ "inputs for left and right audio, MIDI In and Out jacks, USB MIDI Port, and 3 pedal connections (damper, pedal pedal 1 and 2). The Damper pedal that responds to touch halfway to an answer worthy of a real piano. Pedal 1 is designed as a switch type pedal and can operate as a piano Sostenuto pedal, or as a switch fast / slow when on the rotary speaker effect. Pedal 2 mode embodies a gradual type pedal (great for authentic Wah effects) or an additional switch pedal, providing the piano purist three pedal functions by adding the function Una Corda (soft).

Software Editor / LibrarianWhile designing this incredibly easy to use instrument, we knew we also arrive at a segment of users more involved in technology for those who always like to investigate further. The Software Editor / GUI fantastic library, including access to certain parameters not available on the front panel of the SV-1. It also allows individual program and save each of the 36 sounds and 8 favorites. This allows users to share to share your favorite settings, Korg and supply more sounds in the future. The Software Editor / Librarian is compatible with Mac and PC, and is included free with every SV-1 keyboard.

Specifications SV-1 (73/88)Keyboard: SV-1 73: 73 Keys. SV-1 88: 88 Keys. Speed ??sensitive keyboard Korg RH3 (Real Weighted Hammer Action 3)Tap Selection: Eight curvesTuning: Transpose, Tuning, Tuning Curves
Sound Generation: EDS (Enhanced Definition Synthesis)Polyphony: 80 notes (max.)
Sounds: 36 sounds (6 banks x 6 variations)Bank 1: E. Piano 1 Tine EP / Amp, Tine EP / Phaser, Tremolo EP, Dyno EP, Piano VPM, VPM TineBank 2: E.Piano 2 Reed EP 1, EP 2 Reed, Electric Grand Piano SG-1D, 80-s Synth Piano, MIDI GrandBank 3: Keys Clav AC, Clav BC, Clav BD, AD Clav, ElectroPno, ElectraPnoBank 4: Piano1 Grand Piano, Grand Piano2, Mono Grand, Upright, Piano / Strings, Piano / PadBank 5: Click Tonewheel Organ, Jazz Tonewheel, Full Tonewheel, Organ Console, Italian Combo, VoxComboBank 6: Other Full Strings, Strings Tape, 70s Strings, Choir, Synth Brass, Brass Sharp
Favorites: 8 switches to select and save favorite quick settings control panel
Effects: 4 Insert effects + 2 master effectsEqualizer: Bass, Mid, TreblePre FX: Compressor, Boost, U-Vibe, Vibrato, Tremolo, VoxWahAmp Models: Amp1/2/3/4/5/Organ Amp + Cabinet, Valve Reactor Technology - 12AX7 (ECC83)Modulation FX: Chorus1, Chorus2, Phaser1, Phaser2, Flanger, RotaryReverb / Delay: Room, Plate, Hall, Spring, Tape Echo, Stereo DelayTotal FX: Stereo Mastering Limiter, Stereo Limiter
Effects Controllers:Equalizer On / Off - 3 buttons: Bass, Mid, TreblePre FX 2 switches: On / Off switch Auto / Wah Pedal3 buttons: Type, Speed, IntensityAmp Models On / Off - 2 buttons: Type, DriveModulation FX 2 switches: On / Off, Rotary Slow / Fast3 buttons: Type, Speed, IntensityReverb / Delay 2 switches: On / Off, Tap Tempo2 buttons: Type, Depth
Other Controls: 4 switchesPanel Switches: Transpose, Local Off, Touch, Function, Demo = Transpose + Local OffVolume: Master Volume
Connections: Audio Output, Audio In, Headphone, MIDI, Computer, DamperMIDI: In / OutHeadphones: 1 (on front panel)
Audio Outputs: L, R (2 x XLR, balanced)L / Mono, R (2 × 1/4 "jack, unbalanced)
Inputs: L / Mono, RComputer: USB Type B connector (as MIDI interface), USB supported 1.1NDamper Pedal: Korg DS-2H, includingPedal 1: footswitch (compatible with Korg PS-1)Pedal 2: Volume / Expression (compatible with Korg XVP-10 or EXP-2) or footswitch (compatible with Korg PS-1)
Demo: 36 incorporated demos
Power Supply: Internal adapter, AC100 ~ 240V, 50/60HzPower Consumption: 15 Watts
Dimensions:SV-1 73 = 1143 × 347 × 157 mmSV-1 88 = 1356 × 347 × 157 mm excluding stand
Weight:SV-1 73: 17.5 kgSV-1 88: 20.55 kg excluding stand
Accessories included:Power Cord, User Manual, Disco -Accessory-, lectern, damper pedal (Korg DS-2H)Bonus software: SV-1 Editor (Windows / Mac)
Optional accessories:Chrome Foot Keyboard, Carrying, volume pedal / XVP-10 expression, volume pedal / expression EXP-2 foot switch PS-1
Requirements SV-1 EditorWindowsComputer: A computer that satisfies the operating requirements of Windows XP, and has USB portOperating System: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition / Professional Service Pack 3 or laterMacintoshComputer: A computer that satisfies the operating requirements of Mac OS X and has USB portOperating System: Mac OS X version 10.4.11, 10.5 or laterSpecifications, features, accessories and options subject to change without notice due to product improvements. All options are sold separately.

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