available three new updates for kronos!

KRONOS Editor/Plug-in Editor 3.0.0

The KRONOS Editor/Plug-In Editor 3.0.0 requires KRONOS System Version 3.0.3 or later.

The KRONOS Editor and KRONOS Plug-in Editor are applications for Macintosh and Windows that allow you to edit the KRONOS`s Set List, Combination, Program, Wave Sequence, Drum, and Global settings, as well as Sequencer mode sounds and effects for multi-timbral use (editing of MIDI and audio data is not supported).
- The KRONOS Editor is a stand-alone editor/librarian.
- The KRONOS Plug-in Editor is compatible with DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) and other applications which have support for the VST and AU audio plug-in formats.

New Features in Version 3.0
KRONOS system version 3.0 adds functionality for the SGX-2, makes the vintage effects available anywhere effects are used, adds enhancements to the Set List, adds new Global parameters, adds the ability to specify HD-1 or EXi bank types for INT Program Banks and features the ability to edit Programs in the context of Combinations and Songs. The KRONOS Editor version 3.0 adds support for these new features.
KRONOS Editor/Plug-in Editor 3.0.0 (Software Tab Page)
KRONOS System Version 3.0.3

KRONOS software version 3.0.3 adds a number of new features, including the support for the KRONOS Editor and Plug-in Editor 3 software, the ability to automatically remap factory Program references in sound files created for the original KRONOS and KRONOS X, and Slot transposition display in Set List mode. In addition to these new features, the update includes various improvements and important resolutions to specific operational issues.

We recommend that all KRONOS, KRONOS X and new KRONOS users update to version 3.0.3. This update may be installed on any KRONOS, regardless of the currently installed system version

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