korg kronos x

Expand your imagination

The Kronos music workstation was unveiled in 2011 to widespread critical acclaim, winning one award after another. Impressed players, composers and sound designers alike kept asking, "How can they possible improve on this?!" In the year since its inception, we`ve done just that. With newly released system updates and an inspiring and growing array of Kronos Sound Libraries, we`ve brought Kronos to an even higher level of performance.

The Kronos continues its evolution with the new Kronos X Music Workstation. With a boost to the internal memory and SSD size, the Kronos X is the ultimate workstation. Fittingly, its new name adds an "X" to indicate its expanded, and truly limitless potential.

Kronos X Highlights

Peerless synthesizer containing nine sound engines, such as realistic piano, richly expressive electric piano, tonewheel organ, digital synthesis, and powerful analog/physical modeling.

Approximately 2GB of available PCM RAM allows more sample data to be loaded at once.

Doubled SSD capacity of 62 GB allows support for gigantic sound library expansions, such as the Kronos Sound Libraries and the KARO Sound Libraries.

User Sample Bank feature allows users to create extremely large sample libraries that take advantage of the generous PCM RAM and SSD capacity.

Numerous artist signature sounds created by top musicians are included, letting you make the sounds of classic songs your very own.

16-part Combis allow all engines to function together in perfect harmony

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