korg kronos new operating system!

Korg KRONOS Music Workstation Operating System Version 2.0
An important update that supports the creation of huge samples and more.KORG KRONOS has continued to evolve since its inception. Now, this new development puts in your hands a powerful sampler functionality, making this instrument is the undisputed top of Workstations. KRONOS System version 2.0 allows users to create their own sample libraries high capacity, which means that this single tool can meet all your music needs. It also allows you to take full advantage of the Web Store KRONOS, a file continuously expanding Korg sound libraries and other developers.With this update, KRONOS users enjoy the same level of improvements that KRONOS OS X. If you also need double the RAM and / or install a second SSD 30 GB, both options can be installed at an authorized service center.
System Version 2.0: Key Features• The Bank of user samples to create libraries of large samples that take full advantage of the generous PCM memory RAM and SSD.• You can add a second SSD to manage huge libraries expansion of sounds, including Korg libraries and third.• Support for USB Ethernet adapter that allows data communication at high speed between your computer and KRONOS.The user sample banks let you create your own sample libraries high capacityThe user sample banks let you transfer the benefits of EXs KORG your own custom sample libraries. You can upload and play many gigabytes of your own custom samples or converted, using the internal SSD. It also has improved memory management and disk: Banks can create subsets of user samples and mix parts from different banks, without duplicating disk samples. It is also very easy to share sounds with friends and colleagues, since programs, wave sequences, and drum kits maintain links with banks of user samples even when the samples are moved to disk or are loaded in a different KRONOS. Create your own samples, or import libraries Akai and SoundFont 2.0 using the new and improved conversion functions.Supports the installation of a second internal disk SSD * that lets you further expand the sound selection further using KORG Booksellers and third.Since appearing KRONOS, more libraries have appeared KRONOS expansion

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