korg kross music workstation available!


The KORG KROSS music workstation is the most portable, easy to use and professional in its class.

With sounds and benefits that exceed any keyboard in its range, the KROSS is the perfect keyboard for the songwriter and traveling musician.

Compose, play, sing, record! 

Have a new musical idea in mind? With the KROSS can burn in an instant. Use the drum track or step sequencer to build a beat , divide the keyboard and touch a bass in one hand and a piano in the other, plug in a microphone and record voices or whatever you want with the Stereo wav Recorder, and why not ? Plug a guitar!

Do you play live? Would you like to use the vocoder?

Use the knobs to change programs and combinations quickly.

Sign into programs and favorites in a second using the step sequencer buttons to call the bookmark that you want. 

You can also plug a microphone and use the vocoder in real time. Plug in an Ipad or Mp3 to the auxiliary audio input , play or sing over the track using the reverb for vocals.

Incredible factory combinations in all styles, with layers, super- realistic arpeggiators and batteries . 

Because of its excellence and its features, this new KORG Workstation will be on everyones conversations...

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