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Highly regarded by musicians, sound therapists, yoga teachers, and instrument enthusiasts, Paiste gongs are visually stunning in appearance.  Their complex layer of harmonics and emotionally moving vibrations are just a few characteristics which make Paiste gongs some of the most fascinating sound sources and musical instruments available today. Recognized for its highest standard of manufacturing and sound quality, Paiste Gongs are established as global leaders in symphonic orchestras, sound therapy, meditation and ceremonies.

On one hand, presents the instruments in an informative fashion with photos, detailed sound descriptions, historic facts, and manufacturing insights. On the other hand this site serves as an interactive center with a forum for gong players and fans.  Users can also receive professional advice on the selection and proper handling of gongs. introduces artists and users to the gong community and gong players in all levels of activity are welcome to discuss and promote their concerts and events in the forum's calendar.

In the photo & video gallery, gong users are encouraged to upload their photos and videos to share with their peer, friends, and musical colleagues.

The website also lists the most important international Paiste Gong Centers who have extensive knowledge and consulting experience with these world-class instruments. 

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